Music inspiration comes alive with the spring notes, like Vivaldi of trends. With a merge of style, imagination and sophistication. Here it is the brand new campaign of Saint Laurent Paris with rock stars and a nailed look of the fashionable brand.

My favorite of all Mr. Manson.

Even though the Y was gone with the come in of Slimane, the brand in the middle of press reaction is making right moves and grunge for glamour spot, wich is a revelation in the ex Pilati’s feminine world, not in a bad way but yes in a surprising way for the brand in the city of lights.

I definitely want more of Hedi.


I most confess that a couple of years ago a jewel man named Philip Crangi mesmerized me with his blond and gray beard with significant tattoos all over him, after that I follow every men with that signs, and I found myself having an infatuation for the “fucking” -as he call himself- Ricki Hall; who is a british model, with a clear sensation of the remaining essence of the old Russia, the one who was taken by the most recent film of the love history of Anna Karenina; were the long beards, mustaches, chivalry and manhood is showed by the brave image of love in coats of long necks, heavy whiteness in soldiers with golden buttons and sometimes something of the morning sky in the fabric. Thanks to the renovation and vivid light of this style who brought us a look to die for.

So, for my very first post I want to celebrate beards, tattoos, coats, velvet and the old Europe, with sophisticated new looks and the strong smell of wood and vodka -such a cliché, a masculine cliché of our century- because they made a glamorous trend of the antique way of living, behind the strength of man and fashion